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The Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford blockbuster ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ has only been around since 2011 and admittedly it had mixed reviews from the box office, which is why it was so hard to believe that an online slot game had popped up only a year after the franchise has been created. It isn’t so hard to see however when you notice that the Online Community has taken quite a shine to it, with its Facebook page already reaching over 500,000 likes and it having a tonne of rather amusing fan-pages dedicated to its storyline and stars.

Fortunately, the Cowboys and Aliens Slot game is not as ‘hit-and-miss’ as its Hollywood counterpart and offers players quite a range of nice surprises. With several bonuses including an ‘Alien Attack Round’ and a ‘Comic Book Strip Wild’ on offer, not to mention the ‘Alien Weapon Feature’ and ‘Anywhere Wins’ function at your disposal, its’ easy to see why this online slot has become so popular, so fast.

The ‘Alien Weapon Feature’ is quite simple really, as anytime the gun symbol appear on Reel 1, it will select a number from 1 to 4 on its’ barrel and shoot that many spaces on the reels to turn to Wild symbols. Although it cannot shoot the Scatter or Bonus spaces, it does provide quite a nice win every once in a while. This is also boosted with the fact that you can win anywhere on the reels with the ‘Anywhere Wins’ addition as any three or more symbols on a pay-line, starting at any position on the pay-line, will pay out as a normal win.

Bonus Rounds

There are two bonuses to win, as mentioned above, within the Cowboys and Aliens Slot Machine, both of which offer you an attractive pay-out should you get lucky.

Get a Bonus symbol on both Reels 1 and 5 and start the ‘Alien Attack Round.’ Take your pick of the three characters which each boast a different weapon and accuracy level to take down the aliens that will shortly fill your screen.

1. Verity – 20 low-accuracy shots with her whip

2. Indian Warrior – 12 mid-level accuracy shots with his bow and arrow

3. Zeke – 6 highly-accurate shots with his gun

Next, a hoard of alien ships will fill your screen and its’ your job to shoot them down. For each successful shot you can get a prize as the spaceship blows up, and if you manage to shoot them all down, you can get a nice bonus at the end. There are also a couple of ‘multipliers’ thrown in among the lot for an extra treat.

When 3 or more Cowboys and Aliens symbols appear on your screen, you are awarded 8 No-Repeat Spins with a rather interesting wild feature. Rather than just several random positions on the reels becoming wild on each consecutive spin, blocks of symbols are taken up on the reels by slabs of comic books. 4 symbols are normally covered on each spin and huge wins are possible from this great feature.

We have taken some time out to choose some of our favourite Playtech options for you to choose from where you can play the Cowboys and Aliens Slot with the best bonuses available. Feel free to pick the one (or several) that look the best to you and have a spin today. Good luck!

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