History of Slots

Slots are century old game machines, with the first one being made in 1887 by an American mechanic Charles Fey. This was a 3-reeled slot machine and came to be known as the Liberty Bell after one of the five symbols on its reels. The other symbols were spades, hearts, horseshoes and diamonds, with the liberty bell combination being the most lucrative. Liberty Bell soon got famous as people enjoyed the game and not only in Fey’s home state of California but in other states too, quickly adding to Fey and his game’s popularity. Even after the banning of gambling in California, the demand for this slot machine from other states increased and it was not easy for Fey to maintain the supply.

Many slot machine developers introduced slot machines with modifications in the symbols and themes:; Sittman and Pitt from New York in 1891 developed a 5-reeled slot machine with 50 cards and a number of poker combinations to give the payout.

The famous Honey-Money slot machine developed in 1963 by Bally manufacturers was the first fully automated electromechanical slot machine in the sense that it didn’t need the help of an attendant and could pay out over 500 coins automatically.

The slot machines were subject to increasing levels of modification and to make them even more difficult to tamper with, video slots were introduced which gained popularity speedily. They then appeared in the casinos of Las Vegas and are famous to this day.

The number of paylines available in a slot machine also increased as technology improved with time, with the maximum number of paylines being increased from just a single payline to over 50. Many slot machines have left the idea of pay lines; rather they have more than 243 way of increasing the chances of winning. On some machines, you can see as many as 1,024 ways of winning.

Slot machines are so famous and in demand that they take up most of the space among all other games and the income they generate for their casinos makes them owners’ favorite as well. Moving of slot games online has led to shedding off the problem of space and more and more diverse themes are now introduces in these online games to keep the interest of the players intact.

These days, the popularity of movies has meant that developing movie-themed slot machines has become popular, to increase the interest of the players. In addition to exciting features, software developers are also expected to use rich graphics that capture the true soul of the movie that is to be used as a theme.

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