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Max Damage and the Alien Attack slot
It’s aliens versus Max in this quirky, unconventional slot! Classed by Microgaming as a slot but bearing a striking resemblance to those arcade games we used to play as kids, Max Damage tests your reflexes, strategy and aim as you try to blast those aliens back to where they came from.

Set up like an arcade game but using slot bet functionality and payouts, Max Damage requires you to fire from your spaceship to slow down and destroy the advancing alien horde. The more you destroy, the higher the payouts. You get six lives to advance through nine levels, and you’ll receive bonus features like shields, damage boosters, extra health icons and extra lives to help you on your way through.

If you’re after an unusual gaming experience, you can’t miss Max Damage!

Star Trek: Against All Odds slot
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise… made into a slot! Love the rebooted 2009 film or loathe it, it certainly makes for an epic slot game. Kirk, Spock, Uhuru and Bones all make an appearance in this 5-reel, 720-way slot and you’ll be sure to love seeing their familiar faces as you spin your way to riches!

Featuring Energizing Wilds and Stackable Wilds, your path to the big bucks should be clear. You can also win entry to two bonus rounds, one featuring a Max Damage-style shoot-em-up game and the other featuring a spinning wheel with prizes determined by your rank. Check out the new Star Trek Against All Odds or go for the original Star Trek slot machine, but if you like the outer space theme then you can’t go past this series!

Fantastic Four slot
Marvel has certainly proved to be a winner for Playtech, who is taking each of the best franchises and turning them all into slot machines. Fantastic Four is the latest release and it already has a huge fan following; whether that’s because of the beloved characters or the great bonuses, that’ll be for you to decide!

The free spins round is truly staggering, with each character offering a different quantity and multiplier. Then of course there’s the Marvel jackpot which can leave you a lot better off – a Chilean woman won $1.4m on this slot and we’re sure it’s due to happen again soon.

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